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There is no one right way to live. Daniel Quinn Ishmael
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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

update on the update

It will have to wait until later, but I just received another e-mail from the HC folk.

This is turning into a cool story.  Might have to give it to one of my characters.


According to Ms. (not sharing) at Harper Collins, the e-mail message approximately eighteen hours ago was an error.

I do not want to call baloney again, but when I checked in the wee hours, there was no traffic/shipping information in my account or the actual order.

According to the latest information, Go Set A Watchman/Harper Lee, should be here before 11:00 a.m. tomorrow morning.

And, for my understanding, they are offering me a 20% discount on a future order.  Since I have not purchased any books, aside from thrift buys at fifty-cents or less, in nearly a decade, I am wondering if that offer will still be good in another ten years.

So, anyway, all those feelings of loss for nothing.  I am still looney, a dope and recovering from being caught in the thrall of pettifogging.  Quite frankly, I am a little prideful that I even know that word, much less thought to use it.  Twice.

As I was eating dinner, way too many Brussels sprouts, I turned on the television and there was a program about Nelle Harper Lee and the release of this book.  It was interesting, with perhaps the best part was her sister, Alice. 

I am wondering if this is an older program, because it seems familiar, and I believe that Alice Finch Lee died a few years ago.  Might have to research that, but no matter, because it was fresh and wonderful and Ms. Alice is wonderful and I could never tire of her voice.

Well, now that the Universe has recovered from my attack on its balance this morning, I await my copy tomorrow and look forward to a pot of tea, a bar of my favorite chocolate (honestly, could really be just about any brand), feet up, windows open and that sweet volume in my hands.


I am better

I am still immature, but I am better. 

I am also still a dope.

Harper Collins, you suck

I am up at 1:30 a.m. because my phone clanged whilst I was reading a library book.  It was an e-mail from that publisher letting me know that the book I ordered, pre-ordered and pre-paid in the first fresh days of February will not be sent to me. 

They are out of stock.  The book is back ordered.

I call baloney.

I ordered that book on the very day they released their press release.  They were more than happy to accept my order and my credit card information, as well as charge a premium price for quick delivery.

Now, on the day of publication, the book is not available.


You are the publisher. 

You know exactly how many copies of the book were pre-ordered.

You have known, at least since the day of your press release, how many copies you needed to print.

You are a famous and successful publisher and were well aware of how popular and eagerly awaited this title was going to be.

I sent a message via your Customer Service option to cancel my order.

I am not a snippy person, nor am I unaware of the issue regarding publication of books.  I worked in a bookstore for twenty years.  I know this stuff.

I am not a weirdly flighty person, subject to fits of immature disappointment, and, frankly, I am a bit surprised myself how disappointed I am to have received your e-mail notice.  But, I am.  Disappointed. 

Sufficiently dispirited to cancel my order and wait until I find a copy in a bookstore or at my library.  I just put the title on my reserve list, and will be waiting for quite a while, which is fine.

I will recover from this truly petty response and will be fine by morning, but I am still cancelling my order.

I am such a baby.  I wish I could be more ashamed about this pettifogging and surprising and...did I mention ridiculous...aspect of myself.  All right, I am a little ashamed, but I cancelled my order and I am stickin' to it.