Identify what is most important )0( Eliminate everything else
The idea that some lives matter less is the root of all that is wrong with the world. Dr. Paul Farmer
The suffering of others is not alleviated when no one knows about it.
There is no one right way to live. Daniel Quinn Ishmael
The only thing that you need to start an asylum is an empty room and the right sort of people.
We are what we pretend to be, so we must be careful about what we pretend to be. Kurt Vonnegut

Good Health - Lots of work - gotta have it

General Health

American Dental Association Public

American Heart Association

Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

The Cleveland Clinic Health Information Center

eMedicine Health

Entrez PubMed


HealthLink Plus

Mayo Clinic

Med Help International


National Guideline Clearinghouse

National Institute of Child Health and Development (NICHD)


NOAH: New York Online Access to Health

Public Library of Science

Drug Information

Drug Information for Health Professionals

BioMed Central

Health at


National Institutes of Health



Prevention Magazine

Health Magazine

Nature Magazine

Senior Health - important because I am old

AARP: Health

AgingCare: An Online Community for Caregivers

The AGS Foundation for Health in Aging

CDC’s Health Aging

Centers for Medicare & Medicaid

The Family Caregiver Alliance

FirstGov for Senior Citizens’ Resources

Geriatric Mental Health Foundation

Mayo Clinic Senior Health Center

MedlinePlus Seniors’ Health Issues

NIH Senior Health

Mental Health - because I have mental illness

National Alliance on Mental Illness

United States Department of Veterans Affairs
National Center for PTSD

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