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Tuesday, March 14, 2017


When you live where I do, the weather is a reliable source of conversation.  We often experience two or more seasons in a single day.  More likely is to have weather conditions that are close to expected, with the expectation that the usual will soon change to something else.

February was unusually warm.  Off came the winter garments, but they were not cleaned and put away for the next winter cycle because we know that cold and snow, ice and sleet and winter thunder storms are still on their way.

To no one's surprise, the icy stuff returned.  Up here we had over a foot of snow, although I think neighboring areas had much less.  I really do not know because I do not care.  Whatever wintry weather we get now is bad enough and it is irritating when the next city or county fares better.  The lucky and hated ducks.

Not hated.  More like envied.

Except for the pharmacy making a mistake in my medications and not being able to exchange the wrong stuff for the stuff I need, I am fortunate enough to not need to leave the house.  But, these storms have lowered the temperature and increased the winds so that this place feels like the inside of a refrigerator.  I am using the heat, but the drafts are nearly unbeatable.  Time to drag out the area rugs and duct tape them to the walls again.  All that balmy weather let me to roll them up and store them away. 

Just plain dumb.  I know better.

I have two medical exchanging the mis-meds...tomorrow morning, and I will be able to enjoy the sunshine, because the end (at least for now) of the snow and all that cold stuff, brought in a weather system that is relatively clear.  No more overcast skies for a while.

For now I am going to bundle up on the sofa, away from this corner of the house draft, after I put out some nuts and cereals for the squirrels and whomever can make it up to the porch.  Those critters have to be disliking this new cold weather more than I do.

This photo show the lie of the forecast for less than half an inch of snow.  It is just over 12 inches.  Winter wonderland my ass.


  1. Juds, I just can't imagine how cold that must be for you especially as you are older. Isn't there a warmer place you could rent? Does your daughter know how cold your place is?

  2. I am such a big-ass complainer that I think complete strangers must know how cold this place is. Milder weather is fine and hot summer was fine as well, because I bought window air conditioners, but this first winter season here has been quite the experience.

    Seriously, a tenant should not have to line the interior walls with area rugs. The attic area is where the bedrooms are and they are quite snug and warm and being that much closer to storms is wonderful for falling asleep.

    Wait until my landlord finds out that he has to fix all this stuff, the drafty leaks, the moldy basement. Poor guy. I feel fairly certain that he already knows about all this stuff. Ought to be interesting.

    Because this village is between three large metropolitan areas (two states) the rents here are insanely high, out of the price range of people like me. Landlords do not have to do anything to get and keep tenants because of the scarcity of rental property.

    All that said, I am not moving away, as it is too wonderful to be so close to family. And, no, my daughter is the one person who really does not know how cold it has been here this winter. She would throw a fit and to be honest I am not interested in fussing with her about this.

  3. Juds, the cold sounds like a great excuse to stay in bed with a book, or 6. Days and nights are becoming chillier here now but this area doesn't have snow. The mid forty degree Celcius temps a few weeks ago almost wiped me out. I can always put a jumper on when it's cold, but there is only so much clothing you can remove before you are down to skin. Hoping you are sufficiently warm again soon.