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Friday, December 27, 2013

back and on my back

A month of working on my computer, trying to get it to work.  Switching out monitors, keyboards, cords.  No luck.  I finally took it to the computer guys, knowing it would cost a lot to have them fix it.

Fortunately, I have the best computer guys and they noodled around and found that there were problems with the mother board.  They began to explain it and I stopped them.  Frankly, I really did not want to know.  I trust them and it is not necessary.  So, goodbye to my 10-year-plus baby and hey-hey to starting afresh.

I picked up my new computer this evening.  

I feel sick.  It just messes with everything I hold dear to have put out the money for this machine.  

Oh, sure, I miss playing bubble games on-line.  I miss e-mailing my friends, but that is mostly because it is an in-the-moment free thing to do.   Yeah, I have to have a computer and electricity and all that jazz.  A desk and chair is nice, too.  So much better than trying to squat on the floor.  Even better when I do not have to struggle with the cracker crumbs that the vacuum missed and which have become stuck, embedded, into my thighs. 

It has taken money I cannot spare, money I have been saving to have my teeth fixed.  And, yes, my teeth are more important, even though the repairs are not essential to eating or stuff like that.  They would make smiling much nicer for anyone who has to look at me, though.   I work thigh-to-thigh with my the nicest way possible and imaginable...and I prefer to have them concentrate on our work instead of the gaps amongst my pearly beige-es.   I am a city girl, and with no disrespect to those who live as hermits and do not have access to regular dental care, my preference is to appear to take regular care of my teeth and avail myself of the nice dentists and assistants at the clinic.

So, anyway, I have this new computer and keyboard.  The old monitors work just fine, as does the mouse and printer, although I have not yet tested the printer.  And, it also means that I can do whatever work I can at home and not have to cram all of the extra work into my days working with clients.

It is all good, albeit expensive.  And, I am hoping to stop complaining and worrying about the money.  Everything in its time, for sure, but it is difficult to hold on to that sometimes.

Maybe all the angst is because I have been ill for a few weeks.  Some kind of cold, upper-respiratory stuff.  I had a fever for too many days, my ears still ache, as does my throat and glands and head.  Sinuses and lungs are full of mucus plugs, semi-solid nuggets of rubbery and disgusting things.  Ugh.  I have been resting and napping round the clock and I am looking forward to celebrating the holidays sometime next month.

I think the worst part was not having access to my favorite medical resource; now I can browse my way back to health any time I like.

Therapy and all that are going well.  Another anti-depressive med has been added to my treatment regimen.  So far it is fine.  No icky side-effects.  

Like everyone else, my life is full of all sorts of stuff, but I find that when I am feeling punk that none of it matters much.   Now, off to find out if I can still play games without having to reinstall all the stuff to play.

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  1. J, I missed seeing you on the DTE forums and am glad you got a new computer despite the cost. Dental care here in Australia is very expensive and out of reach for many people. I hope we see more of you and don't worry about your smile :-)