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Thursday, March 19, 2015


I had an appointment with my new doctor this week.  Two days ago.  Some of the test results are back and, man, is my life changing or what/

New heart meds.
Different statin.
New high blood pressure med, that also helps with my heart crap.
Vitamin D, because I apparently do not have a level that could be found.  Should help with nearly every health issue I have.
Transitioning from oral meds for diabetes to more oral meds plus insulin.  I can hardly wait.
Some weird preliminary something from my pap test, but I cannot handle worrying about it now.
Bone density testing, colonoscopy (freaking yikes), mammogram and some other damn things still to come.  I can hardly wait.

My anti-anxiety med came back at nearly $127.00/US per month, and that was after the insurance discount.  Under the old insurance plan it was $10.00/US per month.  It is one that most people cannot tolerate taking, weird side effects and all that, but it has worked like a charm for me; I really hate to give it up.  Oh, well, until I find a med that my insurance will cover I will just have to embrace skittering out of my skin for a while.  Should really be a boost to the fighting downstairs.  I can hardly wait.

Other than that, my new doctor is a dream come true.  As recently as four months ago, my old doctor was noodling around and not addressing the problems I was having.  To find the new doc and have her be someone this thorough and assertive about treating the few things I have is, well, it is a little stunning, as well as being reassuring.  More than reassuring.

I meet with a diabetic clinic person in two weeks, see my doc three weeks following that, to retest my blood and adjust meds as needed.

I am used to needles, both for myself and as a vet tech and owner of pets with extraordinary needs. If you are fuzzy I can treat your diabetes and hyper-thyroidism, give you infusions, administer vaccinations, rid you of worms and other parasites, and neuter you.  I really can.  So, none of that should be a problem.  I can hardly wait.

Other than that, I feel just fine, like usual.  Although, as I spent the afternoon thinking about all of this, there might be a chance that when all the dust/drugs/needles settle that I might begin to have more energy.  It surely would be wonderful to find the right types and amounts of  not so depressed happier-drugs after all this time.

The fall I took last week is healing and I can lift my leg again and get into and out of the car with ease.  I have new library books and some DVDs

Oh, and I am calling my new doc Sawbones because she told me that if I am going to keep falling so much that I had better get a bone density test done pronto.

I finally made an appointment with the dentist just down the block.  I can walk there.  Turns out that even though I do not have a plan that requires me to choose from a school pack gaggle gargle (HA) of dentists, he is not on the list-that-does-not-exist.  Lordy.

I have tomorrow with no appointments, nothing to do except sort art supplies or if that gets too strenuous, I have fillums.  Guardians of the GalaxyMaleficentMaze RunnerThe Hundred Foot Journey.

I can hardly wait.

I am sort of regretting making this the week when I do or arrange for all of this stuff.  So much easier to crawl back into my lair, dark and quiet and lovely space that it is.

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  1. Just as well you had the tests done, J. I hate having them too.