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Monday, September 24, 2012

I-I -I am a material girrrrrrrrrrrrrrl :

Yes, I am.

I finally received my share of the trust account from the divorce.  It is mostly from the proceeds of the house sale, which is not much because it was only me to fix it all up and get it ready for sale.  Well, that is not exactly accurate true. because I had two half days help, one from my daughter and the second from a friend, as well as hiring five amazing men to haul all of the hoarding stuff from someone who is not me.

But, for nearly two months, I fixed, cleaned and tidied that house and property.  It was stunningly difficult work, doing it alone, even though I was accustomed to doing most of the household maintenance.

But...but...but, now I do not have to worry about paying the rent or, really, just about anything that requires cold, hard cash.

So, I went shopping.

Some kitchen stuff, muffin pans, parchment paper, little things
Drying rack for whenever I build the courage to use the 'toy-sized' clothes washing machine I bought a month ago.  Well.
Groceries.  Meat that is not cheap and disgusting.  Vegetables.  Oils.  Staples like cereals, flours and stuff like that.
Food processor.  Yippee!

I spent just over $200.00 and it felt so good. 

I will be going shopping again this afternoon for materials to make CoolCat a warm bed, because I am going to use the furnace as little as possible until I see what it costs to keep a reasonable temperature here.  I am also buying materials to make him a kick-paw scratching post, like the one we had at the house.

I am buying crafting supplies and going to the post office and maybe even having a late lunch or early dinner out. 

This totally rocks, especially since many of the things I have been missing like crazy, well, it seems as though I can continue to still miss them but not have to replace them.

This totally rocks.

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