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Thursday, March 7, 2013


The last time I tried to apply for help with financial stuff, like food, housing, health care, things like that, I was $49.00 over the amount of income you can have in order to qualify for food assistance.  I was $127.00 over for everything else.

So, I had this great idea, after the dismal results whilst apartment hunting, that I would investigate what is available for low-income folk like myself.  Even though I am keeping my eye on things working out decently, I thought, heck, it could not hurt to take another look at what might be possible.

I went to the state agency web site and after the initial query part, it indicated that I would qualify for $20-40 in food assistance per month.  Cool.  So, I did the complete registration and application.  The final page was to read and accept their policy statement and then enter my electronic signature.

Part of that policy statement listed the income requirements for receiving services. 

I am now only $28.00 over the limit.  Close.  No cigar.  Since I was on the last page, I finished the darn thing.  Now I get to wait for the telephone contact from them telling me that I do not qualify.  Great.  At least I tried, yes?

I next went to another section of the site to look for what they offer in commodities.  I do not qualify for that either, but they had a link to a cookbook that uses the commodity food items and I found a couple of nice recipes, so it was not a completely wasted effort.

What I can do is to go to the churches and retirement facilities that offer free lunches on the days when I do not have to work.  They accept a goodwill offering, and I will see what they are comfortable accepting.  You have to call the site the day before, and I will be doing that tomorrow morning for Monday's lunch.  All I have to do is survive this current mess, and no matter how it turns out, at least it will be finished and I can find a part-time job to help with everything.

This should be depressing the hell out of me.  It is not.  Amazing.

You know what they say.  I am strong.  I am invincible.  I am stubborn.

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