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There is no one right way to live. Daniel Quinn Ishmael
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Friday, February 1, 2013


That is the temperature here.  Inside.  Outside it is near zero. I would think that the extra forty degrees would make the inside positively balmy.  I am wrong.

The mouse is too cold to hold.  The keyboard has some kind of plastic that feels much better.  Everything in here is cold.  CoolCat's fur feels cold to me.  We were nestled nicely on the sofa, comforters under and over us.  Shirts, hoodie, robe, lots of socks, slippers, blanket over all the rest and that wonderful quilt on top.  It was the first time I did not feel like I have been laying on a slab somewhere, name tag on my big toe. 

My landlord quickly responded to my call, made after I had tried all of the thermostat buttons, singly, in various combinations, for varying lengths of time, changing the batteries twice.  Even looking for the owner's manual for the thermostat on-line, which is where I got the info to try changing the batteries.

Landlord was here for over an hour, trying all kinds of things, handy person that he is.  Swapped out the darn thing for a new one.  Still without success.  He is not a HVAC guy, neither am I, so he called his regular furnace guy, who is now here.  Within minutes he had the display back on and is now in the basement making certain the furnace is working properly and that none of will die in our sleep tonight, or even later during afternoon nap time, which might not happen because I have been internalizing heat with coffee and tea all day.  You know, I really need to think about buying some decaf beverages that can be hot.

I am thinking that my usual 55F is going to seem positively tropical in comparison to what it is now.  The sun is going down and the temp is dropping in here. 

Oh, gosh, the furnace just came on!  The air coming up through the vent is awfully cool, but that is surely going to change soon.  Just put my toes over it again, still cool.  But, there is hope. 

As for the landlord, I am mostly uninformed about what having one is like, but this guy seems like a decent one.  He responded to my call in less than a half-hour, and he lives in another town.  The furnace guy was here a scant hour after he was contacted, he got the thing going, actual warm air, and everyone lived happily every after.

Well, maybe not, even kind of sad is bearable if you are warm enough. 

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  1. Yuck,that is not fun.I am glad you got your heat back! Stay warm!!!!