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There is no one right way to live. Daniel Quinn Ishmael
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We are what we pretend to be, so we must be careful about what we pretend to be. Kurt Vonnegut

Wednesday, July 31, 2013


No organizing, just errands. 

First stop was to pay what I hope is the final dollars that I will have to pay my attorney.  She is amazing, but like a spouse with expensive hobbies, I simply cannot afford her.  The receptionist and I have become friendly, and she thanked me for the note I sent that included her in my thanks for everything that everyone there has done for me during the past eighteen months. 

Yeah, eighteen months.  So much for a speedy divorce.  She shared some of her first marriage with me, and it just was such a huge trigger to hear about how terrible that marriage was.  Every time I think that I am fine, that none of this stuff can knock me to my knees, it does.  She has been married to a great man for the past thirty-five years, but she shared that she still has nightmares and the rare moment when something causes her to remember that earlier time.

The worst is over, and unless...until...he sends someone after me again, I am pretty much done with anything involving him.  I think that he is such a coward that the chances of him showing up with anyone is remote.  Still, it is clear that recovery and healing are securely in my future, the only aspect that is secure.  What a mess.

Then I went to the library where I learned that the book I cannot find will cost $44.00 to replace if I never can find it.  Good to know, I guess.

Next, on the way to the pharmacy I heard a commercial on the radio for condoms.  I do not ever remember hearing a commercial for condoms before, but the best part was when the person said that they are dribble tested.  That made me crack up.  On my way back to the prescription counter at the pharmacy, I passed through the aisle where the condoms were hanging displayed, and stopped to see if they would actually put that claim on the package.  Well.  The safety claim is that they are triple tested.  Lordy.

Bank next, which is in a grocery store.  By this time I was exhausted, so even though the food there is the most expensive in town...except for the health food store - if you buy food there you cannot afford anything else...I decided that, after being greeted by the amazing fruit and vegetables as I walked in the door, that I would shop there and then go straight home.  I passed on a lot of items because I can buy them so much more less expensively at Aldi and the dollar stores, but I do have some great fruit and meat. 

I rarely eat pork, but thick chops were on sale and I am going to brine them tomorrow, so I bought two of them.  I can hardly wait.  I rarely eat food of this nice quality, so through the weekend there will be some super duper eating happening here.  I also bought hot sausage to make soup with the kale and potatoes that need to be used this week. 

My garden is doing well.  There are lots of ripe tomatoes on the bush with no name.  I think they might be an old style cherry tomato, as they are golf ball in size and have thick skins.  Very old style.  The Krims are getting big, but it has been very cool here for weeks and weeks.  It needs to be hot, hot, hot again for them to really grow and ripen, especially this close to the lake.  Lots of bell peppers getting bigger every day, teeny tomato bush doing well, and the zucchinis are glorious.  I already have enough to keep giving some away each week.  I can hardly wait until I get sick of them so that I can eat the blossoms.

CoolCat is, well, I do not know what he is.  He had an extensive and expensive check up last week and is fine, but he is behaving weirdly.  I know that he is old-ish, but today he did not even wake up when I arrived home.  I am hoping that he is simply slowing down and will still be here for a very long time.  He is the most wonderful cat I have ever had the privilege to know.  I will do whatever is best for him, whatever that may take, whenever it may happen, but it cannot be soon.  It just cannot.

Oh, well, time to make sure that his water and food dishes are full to the top.  Then some brushing and more playing with the rubber snake.  Then, he gets to snore and fart next to me in bed whilst I try to read. 

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