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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Day elevenith

Nothing.  I was fasting for blood tests.  I sort of forgot about it, had dinner at 8:00 last night and woke hungry and almost immediately aware that I had to wait until at least 11:00 a.m.

really good coffee

After my med appointment and tests I went to the bank, just to make sure I had the amount of money I thought was in my checkbook.  There was.  Cool, so I treated myself to lunch at the diner down the street.  It was a small, expensive and kind of measly bowl of stuff.  But, it filled me up and I went to do laundry.

Whilst waiting for wash-rinse-repeat-dry to finish, I had a couple of pieces of dried mango, the last of the stuff I bought last week, along with two squares of 90% cocoa chocolate.  It was fabulous.

slab of beef

This time I ate the whole steak and again was not hungry for anything else.

This still looks like not enough food, but I am really satisfied by what I am eating.  Really, who would have thought that I would begin to enjoy meat so quickly, every day and all that.  I have a couple of pieces of very lean sirloin in the freezer, some cod fillets and lots of salad in the refrigerator, as well as a nice cantaloupe on the counter, because I read something on Yahoo! about the foods that you should not refrigerate because it messes with the antioxidants.  Or something.  Half of that melon will be breakfast before I go to work.

I also bought two more turkey thighs and will roast them tomorrow night for dinner and lunch at work on Saturday. 

Did you know that hot dogs cost as much as nice steak?  Well, they do.  I was going over the receipt for the last shopping trip and, having never actually looked at the shelf price of the hot dogs, I was surprised to find that I could buy real steak for the same price.  Yikes.  I was checking out the ingredients, which are quite healthy, by the way, and never thought to figure out what the cost would be.  I have yet to eat any of them, concentrating on the slab-o-beef, but will take some to work on Sunday.

I just read again what I ate, and it does not seem all that much.  Regardless, it was enough to make me feel well fed.

Oh, and whilst I had no intention of weighing myself, they did so at the clinic today and despite my best efforts I looked at the display on the scale.  So, I will have some idea of what my body mass will make of this new eating.

And, because it was laundry day, two weeks of laundry, and I did not have any clean clothes left, I put on a shirt that I cannot wear because it is too tight.  I have no idea if how it fit me, comfortably and quite loose, is because of the past week and a half, but the darn thing was just fine.  Go figure.

Nothing weird happened today.  That is weird.

Did you know that if you yawn a lot, as I have been doing for the last hour, it means that your brain is too warm?  Really?  Now, I guess that is the weird thing for today, even if it is probably incorrect.

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  1. I always find that clothes fitting better is a more reliable sign of how fit/healthy one is becoming rather than weights and measurements.