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The idea that some lives matter less is the root of all that is wrong with the world. Dr. Paul Farmer
The suffering of others is not alleviated when no one knows about it.
There is no one right way to live. Daniel Quinn Ishmael
The only thing that you need to start an asylum is an empty room and the right sort of people.
We are what we pretend to be, so we must be careful about what we pretend to be. Kurt Vonnegut

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Healthier eating - Day 6 -with other life stuff

As soon as I start exercising, as in actually moving in a way that uses my actual body, as opposed to the minimal amount of movement that simply gets me from place to place, I want to change this recording of the days to Healthier living.  But, that day is not here yet.  I do not see it happening this week or the next, but you just never know about these things.  Yeah.  Right.

2 eggs, over-easy
6 slices of bacon
2 mugs of regular coffee

I met my friends at one of their favorite restaurants.  I do not meet them often enough to have a favorite of my own, so deferring to the rest of them is fine, as I cannot remember any of the places, except for George Webb, and care only about seeing them, not where it is.

This place charges a bit extra for substitutions, which I totally get, so I just ordered the least expensive menu choice and gave my hash browns and raisin toast to the others.  I did eat the two, over-easy eggs and the three strips of bacon and the extra three that I ordered.  The bacon was perfect and the coffee was divine.

The company was even better.  These women like me, as in really like me.  Two of them love me and I pretty much love all of them.  When I left that other life they were as shocked as everyone else, and they stood by and supported me even when I was unable to share any of it.  It is impossible to keep those kinds of secrets for decades and then be able to share the truth, even when it is a a bit more safe to do so.

Anyway, I made it part of the way home before I had to stop and, well, you know, southern hemisphere thing.

a third of a small chicken half
1 cup roasted vegetables
cherries, a whole bunch

I stopped at an upper-scale market on the way home.  Well, what happened is that I also stopped at a craft store because I am participating in this swap thing, just received my swap partner's stuff to me and just cannot send her purchased stuff.  That meant I had to stop and buy the parts to make something to send to her.  She is also getting a bunch of crafting items, because she sent me the most lovely and abundant gifts.  Puts me and my slacker ways to shame.

Anyway, I had made it almost to home after the crafting store and realized that I did not have my phone.  I had used it to go on-line for one of the store's coupons (saved $10.00, baby!).  I called that phone with my disposable phone that I keep for clients to use, twice.  It rang and went to voice mail, which was kind of nice because I was not entirely sure that I was dialing the right number for my missing phone.  Then, I used that other phone to call 411 to get the number for the store.

I am digressing here, but my phone carrier charges quite enough for their service, completely aside from the sad fact that I was an exceptionally bad consumer when I bought it, and before I could get to the part where I could ask (a relative term, as there is no actual person on the other end, just an algorithm) for the store's number and I had to wait and listen to a commercial for an insurance company.  I guess that is what keeps the 411 system free.

So, I called the crafty store and they had my phone, and a long trip back to fetch it and then starting home again, several hours had passed and I was hungry.

No more drive-through food for me and I started to think about waiting until I got home to eat or stopping at some market and buying stuff I could eat out of hand.  My tummy won, especially since I have not been eating enough calories this week and I was afraid that I was messing with my appetite too much and would not want to eat when I finally got home.

So, I stopped at my first favorite market.  Up-scale and all that, but they often have the most amazing sales and significantly lower prices on fruits and vegetables.  Plus, they have a dozen or more stations in the produce department where you can sample delicious things.  The cantaloupe was yummy, but I already have too much fruit at home, southern hemisphere and all that jazz.

I could not find a single pork sausage product that did not have sugars in it.  Even the homemade stuff in their meat counter has a bit of sugar.  Man.  So, I did what any normal person would do and just bought some of the sugary stuff... NO, I did not.  I bought two pounds of insanely inexpensive ground pork to make my own sausage.  Since I was not going to make links, just bulk sausage is easy to make.

In a shopping mood, because this store makes me feel so comfortable and welcome to shop there, I wandered around.  Bought, tomatoes, cherries, curly kale (wanted Racinto, but it was too pricey), some dried mangoes (just the mango, no other ingredients), the pork, some spices, and I have to stop shopping!!!!!  I will eat all of this food, but I have to stop going to the store.  Lordy.

On the way home I decided that making patties for the freezer from the ground beef I bought yesterday sounded just plain awful for when it came time to thaw and eat them.  I am going to use the lovely Italian spices that I bought, toss it and a couple of eggs into the ground pork and beef and make a big ole meatloaf.  Sauté celery, onion and garlic, let it cool a bit, put the ground meats into a big bowl, crack a few eggs on top, toss in the seasonings, top off with a drained can of chopped tomatoes, get my hands in there and it becomes perfectly appropriate meatloaf.  Despite my love of breads and crackers, none of them have ever made it into my meatloaves because, well, because that is the way I roll.  The only acceptable filler is the eggs, to hold it all together.

Meatloaf sounds so much better than making sausage and having to endure eating all of those ground beef patties.  Eventually.  I could eat my meatloaf every day, for every meal, and have often done just that.  Problem solved.

After shopping, I sat in the car and ate the roasted vegetables (there were not any potatoes or carrots in the mix to tempt me), the wing and a chunk of the breast of the chicken.  Lunch accomplished with a decent amount of nutrition, more than 100 calories and I ate some of the cherries on the way home.  Despite all of the driving, it was a nice day so far.

The rest of the half chicken, the last of the cherries, and I was too full to have any salad.  I have to say that these cheap cherries have been the highlight of my week.  Kind of small (which probable explains the low price), but sweet, with the perfect measure of tangyness.

Now, exhausted after trekking around all day, I am heading off to bed to read and go to sleep.  My plan for tomorrow is the organize more of the craft crap I have, go to church in the morning and stay around for the hospitality thing they have after services.

It was a full day of wonderfulness.  Nice.  Although, I have been thinking about old George and the quote I remembered for yesterday.

I cannot stop wondering what I would be willing to do, what I would sacrifice, how much I would be willing to suffer in the short term in order to benefit my future.  I need to have someone to discuss this with.  It will probably end up in therapy, but that is not the kind of dialogue I want to have.

On top of that, on the final leg of my journey home, I was listening to public radio.  It was the Radio Lab program, one that they purchase for playing on the local station.  One of the topics was morality and it was very interesting.  Some of the stuff I had heard/read before, but the cohesiveness of the entire program just rocked.

It has added another layer, I guess more of a dimension to the thoughts that hold my interest this week.   You know, there is no randomness in the Universe, so it should be interesting to hear what tomorrow morning's sermon is about.  Yeah.

I am giving the link to the Radio Lab program from today so that I can easily find it again.
Radio Lab

Something is coming along here.  Not sure what it is, but I am rarely wrong about this sort of thing and it is best for me to be paying attention.

One more thought, and it is a line from a movie I watched this evening.  I am sure that I am misquoting, but I have the essence, because it poked me in the nose when I heard it.

We will not be bound by tragedy, for what we have in the future is based on what we do today.


  1. It sounds like you had a nice day, J. Glad you got your phone back though? We had a great sermon at church by a young girl who works with the disadvantaged in our city. She is very down to earth and was a pleasure to listen to.

  2. Being exhausted isn't so bad if the cause is having a great day! Don't think about sacrifices and the changes you make as possible suffering. Sometimes thinking about stuff too much just depresses or confuses you. If it's good for you just do it - like having meatloaf instead of sausage. It's a new adventure with some old comfortable stuff thrown in. How you begin to feel later is it's own reward :D.