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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Healthier eating - Day 2

I am going to do this until it becomes too boring.  Day 2, whilst not all that exciting, does not have me falling asleep at the keyboard.

Melon and cherries, and I was full.  Interesting.  I wonder if fruit does this to everyone.  The most fruit I have eaten in the past year is apples, grapes, citrus/grapefruit, bananas and melon and berries in season.  The other fruits are available all year long.  America is like that, and the prices are decent, too.  Out of season fruits, like pineapple, melons, berries, cherries, stone fruits and most citrus, and all that are expensive, so for most of us they might as well not even be available.

By lunchtime I had taken some of the meat out of the refrigerator, looked at it for a bit and then put it back.  I started to feel hungry around 2:00 p.m., so I broiled a couple of the cube steaks.  Cube steaks are thin pieces of meat that are cut from tough cuts/larger pieces, and are run through a machine that chops down into the meat, kind of shredding it.  It falls apart when you cook it unless it has a lot of connective tissue, gristle and like that.

The cube steaks are about the size of a very thin hamburger patty and cook really quickly, as I found out when I let them in there for five minutes.  I ate them and thought about ending with a salad, but I was full.

More melon.  That's it.  I will have to buy half the amount of fruit that I did on Saturday.  Fruit does not have the staying power of bread or cereals.  Same thing goes for meat.  I have eaten both in the past, so the short life of the stuff should not surprise me, but it did.

Anyway, the melon filled me up. 

Fruit makes one gassy, something I already knew from ages ago, although I am not experiencing the more liquid lower-intestinal effects that eating so much fruit should be causing.  Thank goodness for small graces.

Melon for dinner was delicious and felt so indulgent.  Hey.  I am eating melon for the second day in a row.  Yay.

Unfortunately, the satisfaction and fullness did not last, I got busy working and all of a sudden it was 10:00 p.m. and I was really hungry.  I am too fat and privileged to be starving, but the thought flashed for a moment and I realized that I was ten minutes away from bedtime.  Even worse, as I was thinking about food, I also realized that I had not planned anything for work lunch this week.  I only need it two days, but the first one is tomorrow.  Rats.

So, I cooked the four remaining cube steaks, not over-cooked this time, cut one up to put on a salad and the others are cooking in the refrigerator.  Another one will be part of tomorrow's salad and the other two can be dinner tomorrow night, most likely on a big salad, along with more melon.

I do not like eating so late in the evening. 
I do not believe that eating late at night messes with digestion or calorie burning.
My life is sedentary enough that it makes no difference if I am working at work or here at home or if I am sleeping.  A body at rest stays at rest and the inner workings go on just the same, no matter what form the resting takes.

I am still wanting carby stuff.  I want rice, which I rarely eat.  I want lentils, which I often eat, and whilst taking a break here at the computer, I was looking at the stuff on Yahoo! and there was a recipe for baked potatoes stuffed with spicy beans.  Lordy.

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