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The idea that some lives matter less is the root of all that is wrong with the world. Dr. Paul Farmer
The suffering of others is not alleviated when no one knows about it.
There is no one right way to live. Daniel Quinn Ishmael
The only thing that you need to start an asylum is an empty room and the right sort of people.
We are what we pretend to be, so we must be careful about what we pretend to be. Kurt Vonnegut

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Still Tuesday, but without the S&M

salad with avocado and tomato, vinaigrette
It upset my stomach, but no more than that.  Whew.

small taco salad, iceberg lettuce (my favorite, but not nutritious enough), a couple of black olives, some sour cream, a miniscule amount of taco-seasoned ground beef and lots of hot salsa.
amazing coffee
roll, with cinnamon butter, which tasted like there was some sugar in there, too.

small steak, I accidentally ate a piece of the fat and it was delicious.  Like, really yummy.  I planned to have half of it for lunch tomorrow, but it was so good that I ate the whole thing.

Long day, which included a lunch I did not want to have.  Sometimes it is easier to give in and give up.  My friend simply has to eat whilst we are out.  I understand all that.  I seem to be her single remaining friend in this city, heck, the state.

She told me that her daughter finally shared the reason that she drove her back here two weeks ago.  The family was going camping last weekend and they did not want her alone in the house.  So, the logical thing was to:
- Not tell her why she had to pack and get in the car.
- Bring her back here, where she would be alone in her own house, as she always is.

I am not judging, but that is totally fucked up.

The whole family is coming to the big city south of us for a baseball game.  Her daughter told her that if they have time, they will might stop by for a visit.  Not all that bad, it is just that it seems like a taunt.  Just saying.

Our visit to the aging agency was nice.  One of the women who works there recognized my voice (I do not know exactly how to process that) because I took one of her classes a few years ago and she not only caught my voice in the hallway, but she remembered my name.  She looked familiar because I can remember faces more easily than names. 

The actual meeting was awkward.  I suspect that the man leading it was new, as in brand new.  He was nice, but he spent at least a quarter of the hour explaining every single program and resource they offer or know about.  Every single one.

With the help of the woman part of the team held it all together and we managed to wrestle out the information that will help my friend, especially regarding affordable transportation for those times when she has appointments when I am working.  Plus, we had that lunch beforehand.  Then grocery shopping.  For someone who did not need anything, I came home with a big bag of fruit and meat.

Then, when I went to bring the car around, it would not start again after we loaded all of the stuff in the trunk.  I had to get all of my friend's food back into a cart and fool around until the poor thing would start.  I think between the heat, 90sF, the air conditioning on high and who know what can upset a car, I must have flooded the carburetor.  Or, something.

Then home for my friend and I was so exhausted from the heat that I apologized to the undone laundry, came home and immediately spent the next few minutes in the shower.  Even my brain was hot.  I sweated through all of my clothing, and with laundry not done, I cannot find anything light enough to wear at work tomorrow.  I really do work in this tiny bat cave that does not have any air circulation.  I have a small fan.  Yeah.

So, work tomorrow and Friday.  Then on Sunday and not again until the following Sunday.

I am going to clean and organize my flabby butt off.  I have a grant to write.  I need time to be able to get to the post office when it is open, well, how dumb is it would help anything to go there when it is closed, but you know what I mean.  I have not had even one day in the past three weeks when I was not working or volunteering during all of the post hours.  Man.

I am planning on at least one day helping my friend find and interview at another agency that offers exchanges of services provided by and provided to seniors.  Not what I had planned, but it has to be done and all of this is helping me to not be so afraid for her.  Today she was nearly fifteen minutes late coming out of her house (she does not want me to come to the door for her) and I was going to give it the full fifteen minutes before I went to see if she had fallen and could not get up. 

Bed, book, charge phones, sleep and a nice day at work when I get up.  Nice.  My life is really nice.


  1. J, I am not sure how you can eat salad for breakfast. I don't think I could cope with it at that hour of the morning. Good on you though if you can manage to eat it. I would miss my All Bran or oats I think.:-)

  2. Love your sense of humour! Shame the heat affects you so much as about the only place I could think of that you could live, if you came Down Under, is just "over the way" (about umm 195 miles) from me in the Snowy Mountains area. Nice and cool all year round at Lake Eucumbene. *Holding out hand* C'mon we'll help each other back on that wagon we've fallen off the last few days.