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Thursday, July 10, 2014

Healthier eating - Day 4

2 eggs, over-easy, cooked in butter, peppered.

This is early to log this, but I tried easy-over eggs for breakfast.  Should have gone with salad.  I am paying the southern hemisphere costs of just jumping in and eating them.  Plain, a little pepper.

This is a problem.  I researched paleo and vegan food allowances (hate using that word, but it certainly applies to what I am trying to do) might include tofu.  I know that fermented vegetables and fruits are fine, but I have found only one site that has tofu on their encouraged list.

If I can have tofu, that should help so much.  I can still get enough of the whole protein thing and not need meat every day.  Especially since eggs are out.  I used to like them so much.  I still like the taste, the texture and all that.  I am wondering if they always bothered me a little, but not enough to make me sick back then.  Maybe if I continued to eat them all along I could tolerate them, but I will never know.  I kind of looked forward to enjoying them again.

I will add the rest of what I eat later on, but now I have to go hold a brief ceremony for eggs. 


Salad and vinaigrette.  Clearly, that is not enough food.  Comes out to just over 150 calories.  Seems like a joke.

Tilapia, microwaved from frozen, dressed with butter, pepper and salt.  Absolutely delicious because not only is it a tasty fish and an equally tasty way to make it, but it is true that hunger is the best seasoning.  Or, something like that.
I also had a bag of Brussels sprouts (less the ones that fell to the floor), with a little butter and cooked until really soft and a little browned. 

Four later and there are no hunger pangs to make it less-than-easy to fall asleep.  Nice.

In the freezer, during that time when I was not starving...just hungry...I found a pack of tilapia, two small packages of cod, the sprouts and a big bag of peas, that I intended to have around for quick curries, which I will have to research about how to make them without the carby stuff.

There is also a full bag of those lovely bean burritos that go so nicely with salsa and sour cream on those nights when I am tired after work and actually remember they are there.  A frosty bag of shrimp, I mean, how did I forget that was in there?  I am going to have to stir-fry it with broccoli, onions and canned mushrooms.  When I buy some broccoli.

Shopping after work tomorrow will be more informed and productive that it was last Saturday after work.

Chicken thighs to bake and leftovers to  chop over salad.
More salad stuff, but this time more individual ingredients, with the bags on hand for late-night pangs and work lunches.  I saw chopped and washed kale in a bag, in the produce department, last Saturday, and when I weighed it and a bunch of regular kale, the price was comparable.  So, unless it proves to be icky, I plan to buy it again.  Baby carrots, which are really just broken carrots that are tumbled (like pretty rocks) until they are smaller and smoother.  Celery, cucumbers and maybe radishes for salads and snacking.  I would be happy to take a bag of raw vegetables and some almonds as a take-along snack.
More of the skimpy ingredients vinaigrette.  My favorite is Brianna's, the one with the artichoke on the label.
Oh, how about some artichokes.  More easy vegetables, like avocados, tomatoes (since my plants died), cabbage (maybe red, depends on the price), head and leaf lettuces, whatever else catches my budget-informed eye.
More other meat.  Lean.  Easy to cook.  Although I cannot readily think of any flesh that is both lean and easy to prepare, except ground beef and this week's cube steaks.  The problem with both of them is that they are not all that tasty, something I am going to try to insist on have, the tasty part, as much as possible.
Frozen vegetables, but not many packages will fit into my tiny freezer.  Truth is that in that other life, a bag of frozen vegetables and bread was the most common lunch or dinner for me.  So, Brussels sprouts, spinach, and greens.

I am used to buying lots of fresh vegetables and know how to keep them as fresh as possible for as long as possible, but that is not going to work for meat, which will have to be bought at least twice a week.  So much for not spending all that time in the stores.  This is going to mess up ( swearing) my budget eventually, especially on weak-willed-days.

Oh, I had a piece of dark chocolate, 85% cocoa, a short while ago.  Nice that I can still eat this.

I did more tofu research tonight and whilst fermented foods like vegetables and tempeh are fine to eat, tofu is not fermented and is not fine.  I am going to resist buying some, but I think that will not last for long.  Only four days and I am feeling close to feeling finished with flesh.  Nicely alliterated, yes?

Off to read my last Graham Joyce book for a while.  I pick up a few titles every few months, but it takes only two or three to satisfy he flavor of weirdiosity.  My favorite this run is The Silent Land, which kept me wondering about several possible scenarios for the story until the end.  Lovely.  I am nearly half-way through Smoking Poppy, the story of a man searching for his estranged daughter. 


  1. J you are doing well. I feel like the side of a house at the moment as I have just eaten two little chocolate bars which I don't usually do. I did have a walk though so that is something. It has been so cold here that I have been eating a lot of bread with soup to warm up. Soon we will be back to the heat and lots of salads.

  2. `I think that everyone (unless you are allergic of just plain hate the stuff) should eat some chocolate every day. High cocoa chocolate is certainly an acquired taste, but it is so delicious and satisfying.

  3. Shame about the eggs. Glad you can treat yourself to chocolate. My chocolate hit is a cup of hot cocoa using real cocoa, not made from Milo or other commercial concoctions, with a teaspoon of honey and half a teaspoon of cinnamon.