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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Healthier eating - Day 3

Missing oats.  Finished the last of the melon.  It was so delicious.

I had a bag of salad and 1 1/2  cube steaks, broken over the top.  Vinaigrette.  Good and filling, although I was feeling hungry later.  I have not planned this as well as I need, and will have to get some portable foods for times like this.  Nuts, I think.

I am having that right now.  Another bag of salad and the last 1 1/2 cube steaks. 

It is just past midnight and I apparently sat down to watch a little television, nearly six hours have passed and I am eating and wondering how I am going to go back to sleep.

I am not weighing myself.  I know how fat I am and will certainly notice if I lose weight, although I am wondering if I should be watching calories, at least in the beginning of this process.

Meat is filling, and simply prepared does not carry extra calories.  Small portions, 3 ounces or so, are enough.  I am not used to eating so much meat and I am thinking that in short time it will stop feeling so filling.  The problem, right now, is that I am used to eating more refined carbohydrates, which are very satisfying, which is probably one of the reasons I miss them so much.  The other reason is that I like them, all that bread and beans, lentils, couscous, and especially hearty and chewy breads.  Lordy, do I miss my daily bread, in so many ways.

Wednesdays at work are long, sometimes 10 hours or longer.  A snack in the later afternoon is nice, but I rarely needed one, like I did today.  What I never need is a nap, probably because the day is so long, there is usually just enough time to eat, shower, catch up on work and get to bed.  So, today's need to sit in an actual chair and then lose five hours was unexpected and is certainly not helping me get back on a decent sleeping schedule, after last week's experiments.

So, next steps are finding and buying between meal foods that are acceptable to what I want to eat and what pleases me to eat, taste, satiety and less nap-taking.

Increase the amount of meat I eat.  I need it to help me feel satisfied and not have to crave all those darn carbs.

Increase the variety of what I eat.

Find easy to carry snacks.  I already have little packets of sea weed that I keep in my purse, but they are not tummy filling.  Small amounts of walnuts and almonds can be sorted into snack-sized plastic bags.

Interestingly, I am feeling relaxed and a little sleepy after my late dinner.  Off to take meds and read myself to sleep.  I have lots of cleaning to do around here, and an insane amount of laundry.  I have to remember to boil up some eggs in the morning, to have with breakfast salad, which really appeals to me.

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